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    I am an 30 year old electromechanical engineer from Belgium. I used to customize trucks, but now I am active in IT as an application engineer for CAD-software and Product Data/Lifecycle Management.
    I am used to the company (HP/Microsoft partner, so all HP/Microsoft products) rubberdome keyboards, but recently we changed policies allowing to bring your own devices. This seemed to be a good opportunity to look for a new keyboard and also a new mouse. During my research I stumbled across the GH thread, and I liked the concept a lot.
    I am used to AZERTY layout, but I am trying to switch to Colemak because it seems to be the best layout for what I type daily.
    Although that I have almost no time left to tinker with stuff, due to kid, wife and sport (mostly in that order), I highly appreciate and support the open hard/software community. I hope to become a bit more active be playing with this keyboard (and also because I started to learn programming again, never too old to learn)
    I am looking for a keyboard that is easy to carry along, that is easy to plugin into any device supporting any OS, because I will be taking it with me on a daily basis (maybe a good case should be designed as well) and I work on Windows and Linux (switching between those with my old Logitech Wave was bothersome sometimes).
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