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Discussion in 'Firmware' started by davidaciko, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. davidaciko

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    I'm a bit confused about the difference between layouts and layers, and what exactly is to be supported by the Axios. Does one of the following describe the Axios?:

    Ⓐ Unlimited layouts (e.g. Dvorak, Japanese, …), but a limited number ("8+"?) of layers (e.g. shift, numlock, …) per layout.
    Ⓑ A single layout (e.g. Dvorak, Japanese, …), but an unlimited number of layers (e.g. shift, numlock, …) for that layout.
    Ⓒ Unlimited layouts (e.g. Dvorak, Japanese, …), and an unlimited number of layers (e.g. shift, numlock, …) for each layout.
    Ⓓ Something else?

    Obviously, if only one dimension (Layouts/Layers) exists then we'd be able to use e.g. Dvorak, Dvorak+shift, Japanese, Japanese+numlock, etc for that dimension…… I hope I'm being at least somewhat clear.
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    I wrote up what I thought was a good response to this, but somehow lost it. It'll have to wait for another person or another day.
  3. AcidFire

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    Currently I'm looking at unlimited layouts, with 1-2 shifts each. It's a bit of difficult question because of the ability to set temporary shifts or toggles/locks but I suppose it technically means you could support a shift or lock for every key that isn't really dedicated, so quite a few. There is still some testing both on my side and in the field with beta testers to sort out what'll work best.
  4. davidaciko

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    Thank you [=

    Sorry for leaving the forum for so long. I blame life >^,^< I didn't mean to be rude.

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