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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AcidFire, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. dshk

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    Is there a place for LEDs? I find them useful on my Kinesis Advantage, which has two layers (unfortunately with a small, rubber layer switch, out of reach), and one of them embeds the ubiquitous numpad layer. When I cannot type, the first troubleshooting step is ckecking the LEDs. E.g. I am on the second layer with no numlock (so that is why J behaves like a left arrow key.)

    Therefore I suggest more than the usual 3 LEDs. The additional layer indicator LEDs can be controlled by the firmware.

    Software indicators may be useful for many people, but they have little benefit if a keyboard is used with several computers. I am already using my Kinesis with KVM and three different hardware: one Windows, one Ubuntu desktop, one Ubuntu with text only terminal.
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    When you will do the words print job on it? this is made by ABS?

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