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Discussion in 'Questions & Comments' started by jeep, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. jeep

    jeep New Member

    You don't mention that this will be an open source design in any of the features. Is it still intended to be open sourced?
  2. AcidFire

    AcidFire I Make Stuff Staff Member

    Ah good point, I'll have to update the lists. Yes, everything is (and forever will be) Open Source. Unfortunately some of the tools I'm using aren't (Altium for electronics & SolidWorks for mechanical) but the choice was made for a faster development cycle. That being said, all the source files will still be released and in a multitude of formats as well.
  3. jackmills

    jackmills New Member

    For the solidworks files just put them to STEP or IGES and it should be fine. If you want to I can try to make a ProEngineer/Creo Parametric file from it.
  4. AcidFire

    AcidFire I Make Stuff Staff Member

    Good call on that, and I'll definitely pass files your way once they're ready.
  5. davidaciko

    davidaciko New Member

    Might I suggest using a git repository for your firmware sources so we can submit changes to you in the form of pull requests?
  6. AcidFire

    AcidFire I Make Stuff Staff Member

    Thats the plan. Everything currently lives on a private repo and will be pushed to the public one once the first round of files & firmware are ready to go.

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