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Discussion in 'Crowd Supply Campaign' started by jackmills, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. jackmills

    jackmills New Member

    Hello AcidFire

    I was wondering, what possible options or editions will be available during the crowd supply campaign?

    I would like to see a combo buy for your axios and this other design you showed:
    And I like your comment on facebook:

    Multiplxd We have to admit, the blue case looks so nice we might have to do a limited run in blue+white keycaps & blue LED backlighting for the Crowd Supply campaign

    I would definitely want to buy such a limited run, preferably with blank keycaps.

    Will blank keycaps be an option, it is easier to play with different layouts if I don't have to worry about what symbols are on the caps and I guess there will be a lot of layout testing on the Axios :D

    I am being curious because I am just very excited about this project.
  2. AcidFire

    AcidFire I Make Stuff Staff Member

    At this point we're not looking to do a single case board design like that one, however the combo kits that will be in the campaign (yes there will be combos :D) will come with the pieces needed to connect the halves and make a setup similar to that one.

    As for the additional color options, I'll probably do a Crowd Supply special edition in the blue & white with the option for blank caps, but that'll all come down to interest and whether my injection molder would be willing to do a smaller run.
  3. jackmills

    jackmills New Member

    You have my interest, so that's one down, don't know how may to go.
    I was thinking about the single case, because of easy transportation, however your design of the separate halves seem to be easy to transport as well.
    I already told the wife that I will be spending some money when your campaign starts, so yeah for combos :D
  4. AcidFire

    AcidFire I Make Stuff Staff Member

    And yes, the combo will be a savings (about $50) over buying two seperately. Unfortunately, because you are saving a fair amount of cash the combo will be the only one offered without an early backer option which includes a T-shirt, vinyl sticker & 10% voucher. That being said, I've been able to reduce the margins on a few items so it may be possible to squeeze it in, we'll see.

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