Switches for the Axios

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jackmills, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. jackmills

    jackmills New Member

    I am following your design for some time now, but something is still not clear to me, which switches will be available?
    On GH I saw you mentioning some custom Mattias switches, how is this going? Will Alps be an option or will it be Cherry MX as you mentioned on Facebook?
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  2. AcidFire

    AcidFire I Make Stuff Staff Member

    I know it's been a bit unclear, I need to get better at posting consistently across the different mediums.

    Currently the plan is to use Matias designed, Cherry MX compatible switches. If that doesn't work out, we'll default to the Matias/ALPS switches with the option to purchase Cherry compatible plates (the PCBs will be cross compatible).
  3. jackmills

    jackmills New Member

    I guess that's why this forum is for now

    Nice to know, I am curious about the Cherry MX compatible Matias switches, but standard Matias switches would be just as nice.
    Thank you for the information.
  4. FrankTheTank

    FrankTheTank New Member

    Sorry but i have to say this: I think its a mistake to take ALPS/matias switches if you want to build "the" ergonomic keyboard. The matias quiet take 65 g actuation force, that's 45% more muscle strength to press than cherry mx browns. It has a reason why back in the days Kinesis corp called at cherry and said develop a softer keyswitch for our new ergnomic keyboard. I do have a matias quiet pro mini and it is much more force to press than a kinesis advantage or TEK

    90% of the users (!!) choose cherry mx switches and only 1.7% ALPS:
    scroll down to the graphic

    So if you plan this project as more than total tiny niche project Cherry mx is the way to go. Geekhack gives someone sometimes a pretty extrem expression (topre and so on). But when you look at what people actually bought picture is much different.

    I'm really interested in this project and really like the physical design of it, but for the persons that are not so much a geek more interested in ergonomic keyboards (really a lot of people just think of the sales of something like MS Natural Keyboard) AND want to buy this thing preassembled (really great idea to have that option) it gets difficult with ... cherry mx compatible. If you then live outside the U.S. (like me) it becomes more a headache.

    In ANY case really hope you have success with this. Really love how you can tent this, and how you thought about the best usage of thumb and everything else !!

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  5. jan_path

    jan_path New Member

    I would like to see Cherry MX Browns as well. You might not feel there tactility, when you're typing fast, but it's enough to not bottom out once you've trained your fingers a bit.
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  6. Doge

    Doge New Member

    I definitely agree that Cherry switches would be the way to go, at least as an option. I really think offering Cherry switches would be a good idea, as most people are familiar with them (especially Blues and Browns, but also Reds, Clears, Black, Greens, etc.)
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  7. pdf

    pdf New Member

    With these custom Matias switches, we may be able to have the best of both worlds and get something equivalent to the Ergo Clear setup - Brown equivalent springs with the Clear tactile bump. That would be awesome.
  8. pdf

    pdf New Member

    Apparently the MX-compatible Matias switches are no longer planned for the crowd campaign. There will be two sets of plates available, one for standard Cherry MX switches, and one for standard Matias switches. It sounds like the MX version may not be offered pre-assembled, at least not without a price premium to cover the switch cost.

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