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  1. Andy

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    Just signed in, VERY interested in this project and I'm making bold to ask the question I’m sure has already been asked hundreds of times (except I don’t see the question, or answer, anywhere here): What is the estimated release date? I hate to press, BUT:

    I need to buy an ergonomic keyboard asap and was leaning toward the Kinesis Advantage until I ran across this . Now that Axios is on the horizon I’m inclining toward getting something much cheaper just to hold me until it's available. But if that won’t be for some months, I may have to go ahead with the Kinesis ($ouch$). Hope I don't annoy anybody by asking.

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  2. stringsonfire

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    Likewise. I was holding out for the new Matias Ergo Pro, but if this project will happen this year, I'll wait a little longer
  3. pdf

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    Looks like the plan is to get the funding under way in the first half of this year, with an aim to complete the production run within about 6-8 months of that.

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